How to choose the firmness of the mattress?

When we speak of firmness, we talk about the degree of hardness. In the case of a mattress, the firmness is related to the amount of stiffness that the material contributes. The goal is to ensure that our spine is properly aligned during sleep hours.

How to choose the firmness of the mattress?

To ensure that all areas of our back (lumbar, sacral, thoracic and vertical) have good support, it is necessary to check the firmness measures of each mattress. So, if you are looking for one, do not be afraid and give it a try, if with 5 minutes it will not be enough to see how the rest equipment adapts to your body.

Choose the firmness of the mattress according to the degree of hardness

There are different degrees of hardness in a mattress. Therefore, to choose the option that best suits your health and well-being, we must know what types of firmness there are according to the degree of hardness and its advantages.

Firmness high

A high firmness will produce an excess of pressure on our lumbar, hips and shoulders, misaligning our position and being the main cause of cervical pain.

Firmness low

On the other hand, a low firmness can cause severe back pain, caused by an unnatural curvature that our body will develop during the hours of rest.

In the center is the balance. The best thing when choosing the firmness of the mattress is to get a mattress of medium firmness.

Choose the firmness according to the materials

Choosing the firmness of the mattress has a lot to do with the composition materials. If your mattress is spring, its firmness will depend on the number, dimensions, material, and thickness of the steel.

If, on the other hand, the mattress is foam, latex or viscoelastic, it will depend on the density of the material, its thickness and the number of layers. So do not hesitate to take a look at the mattress, a safe bet for a firm rest.

Memory foam mattress is also good. So you can buy a memory foam mattress for back pain too.