Measures of a mattress, which one do you prefer?

When buying a mattress one of the characteristics that must be clear is the size of it.

The space that is available in your bedroom marks time bed size. In addition, the size also will depend on who will use the bed. The main thing you need to remember is that we all need a minimum space for changing the positions while sleeping without altering that of the couple or simply to be more comfortable.

As with the measurements, the names when using English change and we can find the denominations of Single, Twin, Double, Queen, King, Californian King … for the mattresses that we call here individual, or double.

What are the most common measures?

We explain, among the wide variety of measures that can be found in mattresses which are more commercially extended are:

  • Twin / Single or individual size: If you sleep alone is the most common measure, 90 cm wide x 190/200 cm long. In addition, there is a slightly higher measurement standard for individual beds that is 105 cm wide x190 / 200 cm long.
  • Double/full or double/double size: This used to be the standard measure in couple rooms. And we say it used to be because the size is slightly lacking for two adults to sleep comfortably. It is also the choice of many people who although they sleep alone prefer to do it in larger beds. The dimensions are, 135 cm wide x 190/200 cm long.
  • Queen size or double size/marriage: With a size slightly superior to the previous one, it offers a bigger space to sleep, two adults. The measures are; 150 cm wide x 190/200 cm long.
  • King size: Bigger than the previous one, it’s starting to get fashionable. It is the best solution for large people who share a mattress. Between 180 cm wide x 200 cm long.
  • Presidential King size: This measure is the one used for the largest mattress size. It allows us the maximum space per person so you can enjoy a perfect experience of relaxation. The measures are; 200 cm wide x 200 cm long.

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